Doing the Right Thing for the Moment

What is the “Right” thing to do?

This is a question that haunts many a person. Something they agonize over endlessly. We often do not know what is the “Right” thing to do, the “Right” path for us to walk down in life to lead us to our desired destination.

To make matters more complicated, this “Right” thing is incredibly situational. What may be the Right choose in one situation, may be the wrong decision in another. Which only adds to the mental burden of trying to figure out this age old question.

Many people obsess over this question and try to plan the perfect “Right” path though life. The one path that they believe will give them what the desire in life, be it wealth, fame or love. They feel that only if they get a certain career, with a certain car and a certain future, that they would have done the “Right” thing and made all of the “Right” choices.

And then, how do you even start about making sure that your actions are the right thing for the future? To make sure you choose the right thing, in the unforeseeable, unknowable life that awaits us all. How can you make that choice? How can you know every twist, turn and bump in the road ahead of you?

To put it bluntly, you can’t. As easy as life would be if you could formulate the perfect plan. You can’t, as change is a constant force in life. What may be the perfect plan one year, may never work the next. Let alone considering that by the time you create your master plan, the opportunity and the time for it will have likely passed.

So then instead, we must try to do the right thing for now. For this moment in time, for the present we know, instead of the future we do not. Breath, take in your surrounds and act now. Act and keep moving forward, instead of spinning your wheels during the endless planning stage.

But how do we even know that what we are doing is “Right” for now? I would respond to that by saying that you should trust your instincts. Trust your gut. As long as what you are doing is focused on your growth and development as a human, it will be worthwhile regardless of what the future may hold.

Likewise, if you feel the need to do something. Be it stand up for someone, or asking out a beautiful woman. It is best to just act now. To use the latter example I mentioned, if you wait forever to plan and arrange the perfect opportunity, the person you are interested in will have likely slipped though your fingers.

Another good way of determining what the right thing to do in a moment is to think of the opposite. What would be the wrong thing to do. Usually it is much easier to determine what you should not do, than what you should. Your gut, and wisdom you develop over time will warn you of traps and pitfalls, and by avoiding these you will at least end up in the general vicinity of the “Right” path.

Also the thought of choosing the “Right” thing for a given moment, allows you more flexibility to adapt to the flux and change within life. Instead of planning a course though rough ever-changing seas, it is much easier to take one step at a time at a time. This allows you to what happens and what life may throw in your way, and then adapt or change your plan, and continue moving on wards.

So take a breath of relief that you do not need to have the perfect plan in life. If anything taking it one step at a time, will free you of the fear and truly allow you to enjoy life.

Published by Duncan Hookey

A British/Canadian writer who writes about various topics related to how to make the most out of life.

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