The Pleasure of Craftsmanship

There is a great pleasure to craftsmanship. To creating things, no matter what they may be. From a wonderful meal, to a beautiful wooden sculpture. Anything and all in-between as well, be they works of writing or making colorful flower filled garden.

This sadly is a pleasure that is all to often forgotten in this day and age. Less and less people build, less and less people create. They have never experienced the satisfaction of making something with their own two hands.

Instead they solely consume. Instead of creating experiences and things of worth, they simply buy them instead. They eat someone else’s food, they rely on others to entertain them, they are dependent on stuff for their satisfaction in life.

Of course, this satisfaction is one much lesser than the the feeling you get after crafting something. When you buy in experiences and pleasure, it is always a one off pleasure, a pleasure that costs you financially. This feeling is also ever so fleeting. Consumerism relies on the addictive nature of endlessly wanting the next best thing. You only end up deriving enjoyment from the product you buy…until the new fancier model comes out.

Though while this is an addiction that is hard to break, it is fortunately possible. It may take time, but it is possible. You do not need to be a master craftsman at first, that takes years. But as you craft, and learn you will get the additional joy of seeing your talents develop in front of your very eyes.

You also do not need to start on something large, I would actually advise it is best to start on small, short and simple projects. Projects like cooking a meal you enjoy and learning recipes. Perhaps writing a short story or article on something that inspires you. Perhaps you could begin to attempt drawing or painting and perhaps you could begin taking small steps to make your home even more beautiful.

And it is good to start now to discover this pleasure in life. As it truly helps make life worth living, to quote;

‘Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind’

Johannes Brahms

This signifies how the will and ability to craft allows you to turn your inspiration and thoughts into something concrete. A finished work of art that you can be truly proud of. Without the ability to create, all of those feelings of inspiration you get in your life, will simply be blown away by the winds of time. Perhaps never to be seen again.

There are so many other benefits to craftsmanship as well. One of the main ones, beyond simply having made something you enjoy and are proud of is confidence. Being able to use your skills to make something concrete, will naturally give you more confidence. Having an understanding and mastery of a skill will make you a much more fascinating and charismatic person also, and will make you a very useful to those around you. As well as just being of use to yourself.

So try building something, try creating something. Test out the ideas in your mind, try out the recipe you have always wanted. Grow your skills, hone your crafts. I assure you it will be ever so worth it.

And besides, it will always be true that one of the great pleasures in life is to turn to a friend or the ones you love and simply say to them…

“I made that.”

Published by Duncan Hookey

A British/Canadian writer who writes about various topics related to how to make the most out of life.

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