Writings on how to cultivate a sense of Adventure, Wonder and Awe in your everyday life.

The Call to Adventure.

A short poem on the call to adventure that can tug on the mind.

Practice Makes Perfect

A short article on why it is important to keep practicing away at something, even when you have great difficulties at it.

Warmth Spreads

The impact of showing warmth on the world, and how a small act of compassion will cause warmth to spread.

Why We Fall.

An article on the why we fall in life, and what lessons can be learned from those experiences.

Rites of Passage

The importance of Rites of Passage, what makes them and how they act as invaluable milestones as you progress from one stage of life to another.

Get Back in the Saddle

An article about the lessons I learnt during some of my time on the ranches of Canada and the importance of getting back into the saddle when you fall off.


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