Writings on how to cultivate a sense of Adventure, Wonder and Awe in your everyday life.

The Truth of Change

A short article going into the the nature of change, and how no matter what it will always arise in life.

Stages of Classical Education : Logic

An article on the second stage of Classical learning or the Trivium of Logic. Covering ideas on how to more actively think about a given subject to fully build your knowledge in it.

Stages of Classical Education : Grammar

The first in a series of articles covering the three stages of classical education. This article focuses on Grammar, and the need to understand the language of a subject in order to be able to gain more in-depth knowledge.

The Importance of Rest

An article going into great depth on the importance of rest in modern life. Going into why it is important, ways to find the time to rest and what areas of yourself to focus on when resting.


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