Practice Makes Perfect

One of the great difficulties that arise when you seek to start something new comes in the question of “Will I be good at this?”. The thoughts in your head that wonder if you have enough raw natural talent in what you wish to start for it to be worth it at all. The sorts of questions can often end up in you not even starting something new or different.

It is a form of perfectionism. A deadly form, making you far less likely to get near the perfection you seek. All of those who are masters in their craft became so through endless practice with thousands of hours spent honing their skills. Every master was once a beginner themselves, they too made mistakes and fell short of the mark numerous times, and they had to pick themselves up again after each mistake and try again.

Every mistake teaches you something, specifically what not to do. It teaches you what to avoid, so you don’t repeat the mistakes. Every time you fall, you learn more, and you get closer to reaching the standard you set for yourself. You may not see the improvement as fast as you might like, but it is worth remembering that even a tiny 1% improvement a day adds up over time.

As such, it is never wise to give up on something you find difficult now, as, over time, you can and will improve. Every small step adds up over time, and you do not often realize how far those steps have taken you until you can gaze behind you and see just how very far you have come. Practice makes perfect, and every little mistake and misstep will invariably bring you closer to your goal, even if you may not realize that at the time.

So, in conclusion, do not fear not being great at something and do not fear making mistakes. Like all things worth doing, these skills take practice, and in attempting them and putting yourself out there, you will learn and improve. Enjoy the journey of learning and discovery. It will make the destination all the sweeter when you finally achieve it.

Published by Duncan Hookey

A British/Canadian writer who writes about various topics related to how to make the most out of life.

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