Walk a path of Resilience, Strength and Beauty


This collection of writings shall cover a variety of topics. Though it will primarily focus on how to live a life of resilience, strength and beauty. Focusing on how best to build and take care of ourselves and what we care about in the face of the world.

The topics will range from philosophy, poetry to anything else that can make life more enjoyable, be it simple cooking or gardening guides.

Numerous articles will be written here weekly, so please follow this site to keep updated with them.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by.”

Robert Frost

Recent Posts

Stages of Classical Education : Rhetoric

The final article of the stages of classical education series. This article covers the stage of rhetoric, and how good productive debating can help you achieve mastery of a subject area.

Stages of Classical Education : Logic

An article on the second stage of Classical learning or the Trivium of Logic. Covering ideas on how to more actively think about a given subject to fully build your knowledge in it.

Stages of Classical Education : Grammar

The first in a series of articles covering the three stages of classical education. This article focuses on Grammar, and the need to understand the language of a subject in order to be able to gain more in-depth knowledge.


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