Walk a path of Resilience, Strength and Beauty


This collection of writings shall cover a variety of topics. Though it will primarily focus on how to live a life of resilience, strength and beauty. Focusing on how best to build and take care of ourselves and what we are passionate about in the world.

The topics will range from philosophy, poetry to anything else that can make life more enjoyable and meaningful.

‘Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by.’

Robert Frost

Recent Posts

The Eternal Remembrance of the Brave

The speech from the Athenian Statesman Pericles commemorating the brave soldiers who fought in the Peloponnesian wars.

Warmth Spreads

The impact of showing warmth on the world, and how a small act of compassion will cause warmth to spread.


The poem Invictus and how it has inspired many great men to become the masters of their fate, and the captains of their soul.

The Fear of Missing Out.

An article on the fear of missing out, the causes behind it and what you can ask yourself and reflect on to enable you to move past it.

Why We Fall.

An article on the why we fall in life, and what lessons can be learned from those experiences.

Rites of Passage

The importance of Rites of Passage, what makes them and how they act as invaluable milestones as you progress from one stage of life to another.

Be The Change

A short article about the importance of being the change that you want to see in the world.


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