Remember Where You Have Been.

Every story has a beginning, and so does yours. All journeys must have a starting point, starts which come in all shapes and sizes. It might have been a wonderfully fortunate upbringing, with most of what you could have desired. It may also be quite the opposite of that, a difficult one full of challenges. Regardless of which, our childhoods and younger years have a profound impact on us all. Such experience colours our view of the world, for better or for worse. However, it is up to us in the present to figure out how best to use the experiences of the past, to build a future we desire.

Regardless of our history, it is often tempting to either never leave the past and therefore not move onwards or the opposite of doing everything humanly possible to forget it. In particular, the latter option can easily have us moving in any direction possible to distance ourselves from and get away from it.

However if we do not remember the path we have come from, how do we know we are moving in the right direction?

It is important to learn from our pasts whatever they may be. The lessons learnt can make the adversity worth it. In remembering where we have come from, we both realise how very far we have come and just as importantly, that we are heading in the correct direction. When at the moment it is nigh impossible to see how far you have come, it is only in taking a breath and reflecting that it has the chance to sink in.

It is also worth remembering that returning to a place is not the same as never leaving. Even in memory, when we return we do so with the experiences and wisdom that come from time. We gain more distance allowing us to reflect and learn, something that may have been impossible at the time if a situation was particularly raw and emotional. In life, it is noticeable when you return to a childhood home or town how different it is, almost a strange sensation in some cases especially when a great deal changes especially when it is you who have grown and not the town. The same is true of memory, both the bitter and the sweet.

So, remember where you have been. To see how far you have come and to know the path forward.

Published by Duncan Hookey

A British/Canadian writer who writes about various topics related to how to make the most out of life.

One thought on “Remember Where You Have Been.

  1. This is an important thing to remember from time to time, because it’s so easy to forget my ‘why’ in the daily grind. And I like how you say that returning to the same place is not the same as never leaving, because that’s so true. Thanks for this post!

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