The poem Invictus and how it has inspired many great men to become the masters of their fate, and the captains of their soul.

The Importance of Starting with the Little Things.

It is difficult to start new things in life. It is difficult to start on new hobbies and projects. Often because it can be fear inducing, it can so easily feel like a giant obstacle in your path which is impossible to even start working your way up. A project can easily feel so largeContinue reading “The Importance of Starting with the Little Things.”

Taking a Leap of Faith

The Leap of Faith, to jump into the unknown. To take your chances, without truly knowing what the outcome will be. It can be terrifying, the sort of leap you make with your heart firmly in your throat, praying that you do not plummet once you cross the precipice. Yet there are many times inContinue reading “Taking a Leap of Faith”