Back on the Path

It has been some time since I last wrote on this website, too long. From January of this year until quite recently I have been engaged in both my MSc Post-Graduate Education and additionally in work. This had the effect of leaving little free time or energy for my other passions, such as but not limited to writing for this website.

In everyone’s life like with my own example, there will be times where situations grant you less time to do all you may want. Where progress in one domain may be stunted as all your attention has to go elsewhere. It can be disheartening to fall off the path in such a way, even if it is hardly going off a cliff. It takes surprising energy and will to pick up old hobbies and passions once again, after losing them for so long. There will be doubts, concerns that perhaps you are not as skilled at them as you once were. That you have gotten rusty.

However, as is a running theme on this website. In life, it is not the fact that you stumble that matters. What matter is that you are able to find the resolve deep inside to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back starting again. To keep moving forward, to keep learning and growing.

I would also say another lesson that has become self-evident during my Master’s programme alongside work is that not having a work-life balance gets tiring quickly. Regardless of how much you love a subject, if it becomes that at the cost of all else you may well grow to fall out of love with it, at worst you may even grow to resent it. The modern narrative may be one of endless grind, but having a life and passions out of the domain at work will make you well rounded, it will make you a happier individual and one who is much more interesting.

For example, I am fortunate to have close friends who like myself are trained in Biology, yet despite that also have an incredible talent for art. It is something that grants them depth, makes them more than just the title of their job or their degree. It allows them to think outside of the box, and see things from multiple angles and avenues instead of solely the strict dogma of their professions.

While I have a habit of planning my writing much more, in this case, I have chosen to just let words flow as I am speaking more of personal experience. However, a good 10 months later I am glad to be picking myself back up again, rediscovering my old passions and truly getting back on the path once more.

Published by Duncan Hookey

A British/Canadian writer who writes about various topics related to how to make the most out of life.

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