Warmth Spreads

There are times that the world we live in can feel rather cold. People appear distant, separated. That everything can sometimes appear grey and dull, cold and sterile. Sometimes it can be ever so easy to grow nihilistic at such a thought, a world without any warmth at all.

It can also be rather difficult to figure out how to change that, how you can make the world a much warmer and brighter place. It can seem like an utterly insurmountable task, impossible and something that appears to be greatly out of your own range of abilities. This can also be even more difficult as all people desire to have warmth shown to them, and when that does not happen, it can become incredibly difficult and utterly depressing.

Though, the nature of warmth both in physics and in a figurative sense is that it spreads. When you light a fire in a frigid ice-cold room, that heat will eventually spread out to warm up the entire room. Melting the icicles, defrosting the room until it becomes a wonderful and warm space to live and inhabit.

Even in your interactions with others, warmth will spread. If you show warmth to another human, it will spread, it shall brighten their day, and they shall likely respond in kind. Who knows, they might even go on to spread the warmth that you gave to them onto others, turning what was once a very sterile social situation into a community full of love and warmth and compassion.

The other benefit is that some people have rarely been on the receiving end of warmth in their lives. By showing them that warmth, you can utterly change their day. You can greatly impact their lives for the better, even if you might not know it. You can potentially even change their lives in a straightforward act, not always, of course, but you never know what impact even the smallest action might have.

So, if you want to see the world become a warmer place, it does not take as much effort as you might think, as warmth by its very nature spreads. If you be the change and show warmth to those around you in life, it will spread, and it will help make the world a much more warm and compassionate place to live in.

Published by Duncan Hookey

A British/Canadian writer who writes about various topics related to how to make the most out of life.

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