Focus on what Unites, not what Divides.

It is often said that we live in an all to divided time. That we live in a climate of anger, outrage and division. A world where people are all to easily defined by their tribal groups and identities, and not their individual humanity.

This sort of mentality causes great damage, it separates us, it divides us. It is a mindset that gives rise to conflict that need not exist. It can break apart communities, it can tear apart families. It leads to unrest and unease in the world at large.

But while it is all to easy to focus and get angered about the effect of this mentality on the world at large, spare some sympathy for those who have this mindset. As after all it is not a mindset that lends itself to a happy and satisfied life full of joy and positivity.

It often leads an individual to be constantly outraged, rage being one of the emotions that only consumes. They are always outraged, as they only see the negative in others. They are always on the lookout for an attack from these others, eventually seeing everything as a personal attack or insult as a direct result.

This mindset also damages relationships, as it is hard to form positive meaningful relationships where you see more differences in those around you compared to similarities. Instead of finding things in common with those around you, if you can only see what divides, it will act to separate you from them, leading to potentially quite a lonely life.

Instead of this, and the damage division causes to both individuals and the world around them. It is much wiser to focus on what unites and unifies.

And I would say there is easily more things that unify us than divide us. For example, no matter where people are from, they will always feel some kind of pain and suffering in life, be it a loss of a family member, a relationship gone south or so forth. They will also always make stupid mistakes, sometimes rather entertaining ones, sometimes ones that accidentally harm others, simply due to the fact that they are indeed human.

Also as people, we share the same world. Almost all people also want to undertake the noble goal of doing better for themselves and their families. To better themselves and improve themselves. Everyone is also learning, and not just in school or university but in the great education that life itself grants to all. And as they are learning, they are not perfect, but it is also these ever so human imperfections that unite us as well.

To focus on what unifies requires a great amount of empathy, as well as like all things, practice. To be able to put yourself in the other persons shoes, regardless of their background and differences to you in order to try to see things from their perspective. To realize that they are human, and that there is much more to them than what appears on the surface.

In order to help your communities, your families and yourself grow it is therefore of paramount important to focus on what unites us as people. It will help you live a more positive and impactful life, one where you can forge relationships and bring people together in unity.

Published by Duncan Hookey

A British/Canadian writer who writes about various topics related to how to make the most out of life.

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