Losing Yourself in a World of Mirrors

Mirrors, they show reflections, sometimes reflections of you. They can show you what you look like when you stare into them. Projecting a reflection of you to observe and analyze.

But is the image that you see in a mirror ever truly you? Are they able to capture you in all your essence, or just capture the very surface of your being? Mirrors can only show a two-dimensional version of yourself, they can only show you a skin-deep version. In reality, of course, you are much more than that. A three dimensional being with depth, with personality, with a lot more complex than can ever be captured in any simple reflection.

However, it can be all too easy to forget who you truly are in a world of mirrors. With all the reflections and images of yourself looking back on you, it can be very hard to tell which one of them is you. It becomes so easy to mistake the reflections, the pale imitations for yourself. In doing so, however, you lose a great part of yourself. You lose all the parts and depths to your character that can never be seen in a simple reflection, you become more like the image and less like yourself.

The world we live in today is a world filled with mirrors. Not just the literal form, but cameras, photos, images and reflections of yourself at every single turn. In this sort of world, it can become all too easy to lose who you are. To put a mask on and pose to this world, running the risk of becoming nothing but that mask. When surrounded by endless images and reflections of yourself, how can you know which one of them is actually you?

The only one that is ever you, is the one standing in front of those images, looking at them. The one with the complexity, the thought and the emotion. All things that can never truly be captured in any form or measured in any real way. While images can show a part of you, they can never show all of you, and it is the parts of you that cannot be captured on film that are what truly makes you unique and special. They more than any reflection, are what make you well…you.

So often it is wise to take a step away from the mirrors, to focus on the person standing in front of the mirrors instead of obsessing over the countless reflections. After all, you are much to great to be captured by any mere reflection.

Published by Duncan Hookey

A British/Canadian writer who writes about various topics related to how to make the most out of life.

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