Why the Phoenix?

So, why have I chosen to use the mythical creature of the Phoenix as part of the name of this website?

This legendary creature, is often described as a large and grand bird, much like a eagle. And it is known for being brilliantly colored and often even partially ablaze given its very strong links to the Sun.

The main reason why I choose this creature is due to the symbolism of the Phoenix. For starters it is an ancient mythological creature, going back all of the way to ancient Greece. And it is a creature that obtains a new lease of life by rising up from the ashes of its predecessor. Reviving itself and becoming more vibrant and stunning every time around.

It symbolizes, renewal, resurrection and resilience. To be able to burn alive, and rise up again, stronger than before. It is also linked to destruction and creation, the destruction of the old and creation of the new. As it is able to shed its old form and destroy it. And regain a new form, and live on regardless.

To me personally this symbolizes both resilience, in being able to rise up from whatever set backs you may have in life. And like the Phoenix burn ever brighter, and fly ever higher for doing so. To not simply stay as ashes and dust, but to build yourself back up from that state and use that newfound strength in order to do great things.

I also feel it shows the importance of occasionally burning off parts of you that do not work. That sometimes you need to break down parts of yourself, parts that are wounded and rotten. In order to allow them to recover, and to allow yourself to move forward in the world. To move forward without all the bad habits, and wounds of old fixing you firmly in the past.

The Phoenix also has a special meaning to me due to the city I have spent many of my most important years in, the city of Coventry. Coventry symbolizes itself as a city as the Phoenix, to the point where even Coventry University has the symbol on both its main logo and its coat of arms. This is because many years back in the second world war, the city was utterly destroyed in the blitz. Almost nothing was left standing, and some of the most beautiful, historical buildings in the city where damaged beyond recognition. The cathedral being one of these.

The City of Coventry after the Blitz

But despite the ruins the city was left in due to the war. It picked itself up and rose from the ashes. Encapsulating the spirit of the Phoenix. It took years, but it managed to do so. It managed to rebuild and become reborn , as one of the more important cities in the UK. The city, and the people in it, choose to rise up from the ashes in order to blaze brightly once more.

Coventry Cathedral, with the ruins of the war preserved on one side. And the beautiful new building beside it.

I was fortunate enough to walk past one and even graduate in one building that shows this spirit on a daily basis. That being Coventry Cathedral, while the ruins still remain, as a stark reminder of the horrors of war. It has been reborn into an equally beautiful cathedral one more, one that is even more impressive given the history associated with it. The fact it was previously destroyed takes nothing away from the magnificence of the building, in fact it only adds to it.

And being surrounded by imagery of the Phoenix, and seeing what that spirit stands for all around me for many years. I choose to name this website the Phoenix Path. As a way to share my thoughts on how to be more resilient, and how to burn brightly and make the most out of all parts of life. And potentially even how to rise up from the ashes, like I personally have during my time in this magnificent city.

Published by Duncan Hookey

A British/Canadian writer who writes about various topics related to how to make the most out of life.

2 thoughts on “Why the Phoenix?

  1. Spirit animal mines the Bull or maybe the minotaur anyway I am at this post reading your speil on a phonix It looks good on a pontiac car of the 70s and 80s and it does mean rebirth and sunshine, cycles are coming and it seems we are the end of one coming up here soon


    1. Less a spirit animal, but if you live in the city that I have lived in for the past 4 years. The symbolism of the phoenix is everywhere due to the war so kinda why I went for the name and idea.


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