Be So Good They Cannot Deny You.

‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent’

Eleanor Roosevelt

In life, there may very well be times that feel like people are against you. That people have preconceived doubts about you, doubts that potentially lack any substance to back them up, but are irritating nonetheless. This might make it feel that you have more obstacles in your way than most, that there is unfairly much more for you to overcome.

Being judged by others is always an unpleasant situation; no one likes the process of being judged even if the ruling ends up in their favour. Of course, this unpleasantness only increases if you are not judged worthy, sometimes the reason could be in your control, but other times it might be something you have utterly no control over whatsoever. Be that your gender, your skin colour, your religion…or perhaps the person judging you just dislikes your face on that particular day.

However, it is vital never to let such things stop you. Whatever you do, make an effort not to prove their judgements right. If they do not think you have what it takes to succeed, do not take that to heart, do not let it cripple your motivation and drive to the point it leaves you despondent, depressed and very much not succeeding. Do not let people make you feel inferior, like a victim, because if they do, you shall never succeed to the best of your ability.

Instead, prove them wrong. Work to be so good that they cannot deny you.

Instead of taking the judgements as a stunning setback, take it as a challenge. And not the sort of challenge that grinds you down, but the sort of challenge you rise to meet head-on. Let it fuel you, work to prove such judgements wrong. Do not give people the pleasure of defining you and your place in life. After all, they are not in control of your destiny, you are.

And if you keep working away, if you rise to the challenges and prove those who misjudged you wrong. Well, nothing will stop you. You will have become so good at what you wish to do that no one could deny you. In doing so, you take ownership of your own destiny, leaving you and you alone to write your fate.

Published by Duncan Hookey

A British/Canadian writer who writes about various topics related to how to make the most out of life.

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