The use of a Personal Planner

Something I once did for new years a number of years back is by myself a small personal diary, one that could fit in my pocket and easily bring with me. Wherever life may take me.

Before this one thing that I occasionally had issues with is quite simply keeping track of things that where going on in any given day. As I was in University at the time, a great deal of my mental space was being used remembering what classroom I had to be in when and what deadlines I have for coursework. This all leaving very little room in my mind left over to do what I was really their to do and that is learn and build upon my knowledge.

Fortunately just after the New Year, I saw a more experienced student using a pocket diary in a meeting, and not a scruffy piece of paper but a rather eye catching notebook instead. I thought based on this that it might be a good thing to try out in that coming year, after all is it was working for a much more busy senior, it would work for a freshman like myself at the time.

So I got myself a small diary from a bookstore and began to use it, writing down all my classes, their locations. Times for meetings I had at my university at the time and for the clubs I was attending. Everything. I found this managed to free so much space in my mind, as I did not have to worry about forgetting anymore as I could simply check my diary in my pocket and remember again. It had the effect of improving my focus, improving my productivity and just getting a lot more done as I had much more of my mind left to spare.

And for those who prefer using phone calendars, that can work as well. But you still get left with the fear of your phone battery running out and being unable to access your schedule, something that fortunately does not affect a pen or paper.

For the road ahead then, perhaps try out keeping a paper diary. Who knows it might help you considerably. And even if it does not, there is little harm in trying it out.

Published by Duncan Hookey

A British/Canadian writer who writes about various topics related to how to make the most out of life.

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